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THE SUB Heineken Edition

The Heineken-branded cover made of anodised aluminum gives an extra premium touch to Marc Newson's deluxe design. With THE SUB® you can pour the perfect beer at home.

Champions Bundle

Watching football with your friends like champions.

- 1 The SUB Heineken Edition
- 4 Heineken TORPS
- 6 Heineken Star Glasses

The SUB Rouge Edition

Red alert: with its bold lacquer casing, THE SUB Rouge Edition will become the showpiece of your kitchen. Draught the perfect beer at home and make a statement.

Heineken TORP

Heineken® is a golden-yellow lager beer with 100% natural ingredients and a small but significant extra: A-Yeast. Heineken’s unique A-Yeast creates the rich taste and subtle fruity notes that have distinguished Heineken since the 19th century.

THE SUB Black Edition

With its classic black casing, THE SUB® Black Edition looks great in any interior. Enjoy the perfect draught at home.

Taste of Amsterdam Bundle

Get started with The SUB and two craft TORPS
1 X Black SUB
1 X Gin Weizen - Gebrouwen door Vrouwen
1 X Bitterblond - De Prael Brewery

Heineken 3 TORP

Heineken 3 TORP light beer combines great taste with fewer calories. Zesty citrus notes are well-balanced with floral aromas for a smooth, crisp finish that delivers the ultimate thirst-quenching experience.

The SUB Grey Edition

Designed to hold 2 litres of lager, THE SUB Grey Edition home beer tap delivers perfectly chilled, home draught beer in a stylish fashion. With its compact shape and lacquer casing, it gives interiors a polished look.

Autumn Beers Bundle

- 4 Heineken TORPS
- 2 Brand UP TORPS
- 2 Affligem Blonde TORPS


- 1 x THE SUB TORP Fridge
- 1 X THE SUB Heineken Edition
- 4 x Heineken TORP
- 4 x AFfligem Blonde TORP


- 1 x THE SUB TORP Fridge
- 1 x THE SUB Heineken Edition
- 1 x THE SUB Black Edition
- 8 x Heineken TORP
- 8 x Affligem Blonde TORP

The SUB TORP Fridge

Designed to hold 8 TORPS, the table top SUB cooler not only looks good, it also keeps your beer perfectly chilled. Low on noise level and high on efficiency, the fridge comes with a hinged glass door for easy access. Delivered without TORPS.

Desperados TORP

Desperados® is the world's first tequila flavoured beer. A distinctive combination of full bodied lager with a kick of tequila flavour. A light & refreshing taste profile balanced with spicy and lemony notes for sweetness.

Affligem Blonde bier TORP

A dense head sits atop a bright, golden body of Affligem® beer. As the smooth taste of the first sip settles, the roundness of tropical fruit leads to a refreshing finish. On swirling, strong notes of banana, yeasty spice and a hoppy aroma flow freely.

The SUB Carbon Edition

A limited edition, THE SUB Carbon Edition enhances the home draught beer experience. Luxurious in look and innovative in design, this home beer tap comes with a light sensitive handle, slim drip tray and glossy finish.

H41 Wild Lager TORP

H41 Wild Lager by Heineken® is the missing link between lager and specialty beers, made with a Wild Yeast from Patagonia. This full bodied lager has spicy notes balanced by subtle fruity hints.

Heineken Subscription

Heineken® is a golden-yellow lager beer with 100% natural ingredients and a small but significant extra: A-Yeast. Heineken’s unique A-Yeast creates the rich taste and subtle fruity notes that have distinguished Heineken since the 19th century.

Tasting Bundle

The SUB Grey Edition and 4 diverse TORPS for tasting
- 1 Wieckse witte TORP
- 1 Birra Morretti TORP
- 1 Tiger TORP
- 1 Affligem TORP

Hofbräu Kaltenhausen Gandolf IPA TORP

The first IPA in THE SUB’s world of beer. Its colour is bright luminous with orange reflections, its aroma exotic due to dry hopping with “Citra” hops. Enjoy this IPA’s distinct fruitiness that is well balanced with a harmonic bitterness.

Tiger TORP

Tiger Beer is a pale lager from Asia that is renowned for its refreshing pithy taste. It’s brewed according to a strict brewing process and is a great way to cool down on a hot day. You can now serve Tiger extra cold at home with THE SUB draught beer tap.

THE SUB Riviera Limited Edition

With its Mediterranean-inspired look, this limited-edition SUB® draws from the stylish, sophisticated visuals of the French Riviera. This edition adds a touch of elegance to any interior and is the ultimate collector’s item.

Brand Up TORP

An ode to the original taste of lager. That's Brand® Up, or Urtyp Pilsener. It’s brewed using the very particular Saazer hop from the Czech Republic. Discover its powerful hoppy fresh taste, that comes closest to the original lager recipe from 1842.

Amstel Radler TORP

Amstel® Radler combines the best of Amstel beer with lemon water. With its subtle fruity taste and containing only 2% alcohol, Amstel Radler is the ultimate thirst-quenching beer. Pour your summer delight with Amstel Radler.

Birra Moretti Baffo d'Oro TORP

Birra Moretti® Baffo d'Oro is Italy's answer to what gold tastes like. The beer is made of Italy's finest spring malt and has a subtle bitter. The 100% barley brew gives it a unique character and colour. Pour your own glass of Birra Moretti at home.

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